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Esky at the Food & Drink Expo 2012

It’s been a while since we’ve done an exhibition – in fact the last time we did one no-one really trusted e-learning or had a good enough internet connection to support it.
Happily for us distance learning is now the norm and we decided it was about time to get back out there and find out what people think of our style of course and what we have to offer. Continue reading

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E-Learning – What Works and Why?

Esky have designed user centric courses that take into account these factors and ensure that instructional methods such as practice exercises and simulations are embedded into the courses to maximise learning. “Interactive games based on the training message are very effective at improving learning” according to How Stuff Works, a Discovery company. They continue, “Being able to explore, try, succeed or fail makes good training.” Continue reading

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Health and Safety Training – What You Need to Know

According to the HSE, over 200 people are killed each year in accidents at work in the UK and over one million people are injured. Over two million suffer illnesses caused by, or made worse by, their work. Continue reading

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The Health & Safety at Work Act and How it Applies to Training

A question I get asked occasionally is “What does the law actually say about health and safety training?”
Information from the HSE (Health & Safety Executive) is extensive but can be difficult to get to grips with. Continue reading

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Direct Gov on the Advantages of E-Learning

e-learning can give you the freedom and flexibility to learn when and where you want and at your own pace. You can study a wide range of subjects at any level, and e-learning can be ideal if the subject you’re interested in isn’t available nearby. Continue reading

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The Benefits of E-Learning

E-learning is designed to educate students in a setting that is more comfortable and convenient, such as at their desk or at home. This has many obvious benefits which we will explain here. E-learning is cost-effective for three main reasons: … Continue reading

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