Scores on the Doors, the App

iPhone Scores on the Doors appScores on the Doors is a Government scheme that provides consumers with the results of hygiene inspections carried out by local authorities. If you’re a food business you’ve probably already been inspected and given your rating.

For the last few years it’s been possible to search on your local council’s website (if they’re participating in the scheme) and find the Scores on the Doors ratings for the restaurants in your area in order to make an informed choice about where to eat.

Now iPhone users can download a free App called ‘Food Hygiene’, developed by Transparency Data Ltd, making it easy to search on the go. The app has ‘over 130,000 official local authority food hygiene inspection ratings’ and allows you to search manually or use your location to search for food establishments in your local area. For iPhone 3GS and 4 users the app also has an augmented reality radar feature which ‘enables you to just point your phone at food outlets to find out how many starts they have’.

Here are some recent ratings of the app:

***** A brilliant app and I love the radar function. One everyone who eats out should have and use!

***** Oldman Harris: “Woah, what an amazing service! No more gastroenteritis for me!”

I’ll definitely be using this app next time I go out to eat. In the next post I’ll describe more about the scheme and about how you can improve your rating.


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