The Benefits of E-Learning

E-learning is designed to educate students in a setting that is more comfortable and convenient, such as at their desk or at home. This has many obvious benefits which we will explain here.

E-learning is cost-effective for three main reasons:

No teacher or supervisor required
Sending employees out to courses or bringing in trainers can be very costly, but e-learning offers an affordable solution to training where the learner can train individually without supervision.

Creates automated training records
E-Learning courses usually have a built in Learning Management System (LMS) whereby a manager can monitor their staff members’ progress and download reports for due diligence, as well as control aspects such as whether the user can print their own certificate. Managers can then make sure each employee is completing the course and passing the assessment.

Eliminates travel and staff costs
E-learning courses can be taken at your desk or anywhere with a computer and headphones, eliminating the need to travel to an event or external course. It also means that no-one will need to fill in for you while you’re away on a course.

E-learning is less time-consuming because:

It’s instant
Arranging a classroom-based training session can take time to organise, especially if you need to find a time to suit everyone. An e-learning course can be taken whenever you need which is especially useful for making sure new staff members are trained on their first day.

Training completed in a short amount of time
A classroom-based course might take days to complete whereas online courses can be completed within a few hours at the trainee’s or employer’s convenience.

E-learning courses are consistent and unbiased

High standards
Due to the consistency of the e-learning system, everyone who watches the courses receives the same high level of training, whereas in a classroom-based setting there are many variables that can change – class size, trainer’s standards, different trainers on different days/courses, interruptions, order of information presented etc.

E-learning offers greater flexibility for:

The Learner
E-learning offers the opportunity to take the course at your own pace, and allows you to re-watch any part you wish.

Your Organisation
E-learning courses can provide a flexible addition to in-house training, complementing any induction training given to new staff.

E-learning offers interactivity

The Learner
Staying alert and absorbing lots of information in a classroom environment can sometimes be difficult, but the interactive elements in e-learning courses mean that the user has to actively participate and focus their attention on learning.

These are just some of the reasons why we love e-learning.

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